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My Natural Calling


Let me do the work for you. I am a Healthcare Professional, Consultation and Referral Service Provider with 41 years of Senior Care experience. I have knowledge and experience in Dementia / Alzheimer Care. Long-term Care, Respite Service, Palliative, Hospice, Companionship, Independent /Assistant Living, and In-Home Care Services. I provide detailed assessments and evaluations at all home and facility settings to ensure that the  facility, company, organization or individual person will provide quality care and service based on you, and your family needs. Finding time to  research, visit and meet with marketing directors, tour facilities, and staffing agencies can be difficult when you have a busy life and multiple responsibilities, I can do the work for you. I know the right questions to ask, what to look for in observation, and what to expect from the administration and servicing staff. My research will help you determine who is best to provide the service you want for yourself, parent, grandparent, or elder family member. 

 I have worked with a diverse  group of seniors. My knowledge and my range of information of Cultural background, religious affiliation, and personal life choice gives me the edge to help make the right choice for those  who I provided service for. I want to help make the right choice for you to. 

Allowing a caregiver or companion into your home, or moving into a new home place is one of the most important life changing decisions to make. This decision should be stress, and  care- free. I can help you make that transition pleasant and easy. You will be pleased with the choice we together will make by allowing a caregiver /companion into your home, or making the choice to have a new home place. 




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