Freelancer, Self-employed, Independent Contractor. These are the titles associated with Professional Care Providers that have created an additional setting to the In-home skilled, non-skilled, Palliative and Hospice Care Services with oversight and interaction with an established Interdisciplinary Team, or Care Team providing Primary Care in Home Settings.

These Professional Care Providers are passion driven, and prefer the personal, natural care services over corporate and business forms of providing services. Training Education Experience and Wisdom is the accumulative of what we are packed with.

We are self marketed, networked, reliable, sustainable and committed to continuity, and long-term service commitments, when a family hire independently, they are guaranteed consistency in the caregiver, growth and development, with not just the client, but with family, friends and care team members.

Care Services can be personalized by knowing each day that the same caregiver will be providing services to the client and this is a value that has to be present when providing care needs to a multi- diverse cultural community. This includes, the elder community, young, and the disabled of all ages, and this is where the value in training and education is very important.

Freelancing Independent Contractors, and the Self-Employed services are growing within the Healthcare System, but not with some opposition from the business and corporate sector yet we continue to grow, we are here and ready to provide a natural care service that families and those who seek care needs for themselves in comfort, content and assurance that each day a continued, developed service with the same care provider day after day. That is what longevity, continuity , and living out your best years in your home consist of.

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