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Being a Caregiver is not something you can become being a Caregiver is who and what you are.

Being a Caregiver which include the Direct Care Workforce, Nurses, the Agency Providers, the Non-Profit Organizations, the Management Team Members, Suppliers, Clinicians and the list include many, many more, but within these groups are people who "became" Caregivers for a reasons, and the most common reason is:

Financial & Job Security: The industry of Healthcare is worth 808 billion+ dollars in the United States, and expected to grow; 65% of its revenue comes from patient care, healthcare spending reached 4 trillion within the last few years, it is a job and a financial security for many that can last a lifetime but in that lifetime comes the sacrifice of those who rely on the worlds Caregivers. The most common sacrifices are: The Lack of Quality Care / Caring

Care Management Consistency

Retained Workers

These are just the most commonly discussed.

The reason for the above reasons and least discussed are:

Honest Expectation


Preperation and Awareness

Many who "Became" Caregivers reasoning is far different for those "Who Are" Caregivers.

When you are a "Caregiver"

Quality Care is always provided / You Care

You understand that the lack of Inconsistent Care Management does not mean you.

You Self-Educate, you become Knowledgeable, and Prepared.

You commit Longterm, which eventually includes Palliative and Hospice Care, not included in the beginning stages of "training" which is more directly provided in the In Home Care of Caregiving, even when income does not match the Service you Provide, it is "who you are" and not "what you became" that keeps you committed, then there are those who "became" a Caregiver only to realize that this is "What they are" held back previously due to the untold truths of What a Caregiver really is, opposed to what a caregiver does.

Too many who "Became" do not change, it is not Natural for them yet effective.

Don't Become a (caregiver), Be a (Caregiver)

Becoming a Caregiver is Textbook, Being a Caregiver is Natural

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