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The Cost Of Senior Services

When a consumer looks for a repair service for their home or car, they are charged based on the service or repair the company or person providing the service charge, so why isn't this the case with Seniors and those who have a Disability? well it should be, but it is not. Companies and agencies charge the same hourly fee for a caregiver or Nurse to visit a home regardless of the service it is providing. Companion Service, Housekeeping/ Meal Preparation, Personal Care, Medication Management are all different services, some of these mentioned require training, continued training, and the others; no training is required at all. I have no knowledge of, or ever worked for a staffing agency or company in my past that trained employees to sweep, do laundry, and make a bed which is Housekeeping, or how to prepare a meal a very basic service, yet training is required to perform transfers, showers, and medication management the most common of services that requires training, so why are Consumers who have In Home Care Services being charged one fee for these various services. It should not be happening. I am happy to be apart of a Person Centered Focus Budget Algorithm that will be addressing this issue. This algorithm will not just be beneficial to those who are receiving In Home Care that pay out of pocket for these services but it will reduce and stretch the funds that so many rely on through Medicaid and Medicare. Many will not be happy with the possible changes here in Colorado, it will separate those who are in the business for the passion, to provide a service, to make a difference in the life of those who can no-longer live independently, and those who are in the business for a lucrative profit simply put. As a Independent Consultant & Referral Servicer I promote fee for service provided. I encourage and explain this to all Independent Caregivers that I network with and educate families on how to discuss this with agencies and Independent / Private Caregivers that they interview for Home Care in their homes or loved one home, now I can expand it by participating in this PCFBA I am excited and ready to take on this task for the Senior Community and those who have a Disability.

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