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The Importance Of Networking

Networking is very important to the Private / Independent Sector of In Home Health Care. Word of mouth is very powerful, conversation is very reliable, and the majority of Seniors engage in conversation about things that is essential to them, be it politics, health services and paid for services out of pocket. This past week by having conversation person to person as well as social media I was able to connect with Independents that are providing In Home Care Services on a class A level. I met in person a Social Worker who has clients that prefer Private Caregivers oppsed to Staffing agencies, and had no idea how to get in touch with Private Independent / Private Providers, until we met. I also by way of social media connected with a RN who is transioning to Private Care Services as she leaves her Director of Nursing position to become a full-time Independent End of Life Servicer who networks with Independent Care Providers. This week I connected with several Independent Care Providers with minimumn 16 years experience that work history comes from various healthcare sectors such as medical billing , office management and Certified Nurse Assistant that has decided to leave the facility and office setting to expand into Private / Independent Care Services. Referrals are a great source of helping with provisions, but I have learned that many families like to have that personal connection between referrals as a soirce of security, which is completely understandable, and is available, but there are times where a reliable source gained by networking is totally acceptable based on how the connection was made. Doctors, Case Managers, and Social Workes use this mthhod quite frequently when an extended service is needed that is not provided by the referer, and this is a reliable connection that Independents are using as well.

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