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Providing Care Needs to a loved one, and or having professional Care assistance is a tasks that has no one way arrow, there are curves, turns, ups and downs. There is a way to navigate the process, first Preparation and awareness is very important before you need it, not when you need it, but when it is necessary both the family, individual and the professional can create an environment that will be supportive and successful. The L'S utilized in any setting can make a Healthy Family Caregiver Relationship possible, many use the L's and are not aware but for those who struggle with consistency and organization here is your way to accomplish it.

LEARNING : Understanding what your responsibility range consists of requires continued learning. Your circumstance will go through 3 tiers throughout your experience. Continued learning to your specific needs is the guide to make it stress free. Each case is unique and cannot be monitored or managed the same.

LISTENING : Listen no matter how strange, unrelated or bizarre listen, there is a message a thought a concern a question or an opinion is being stated.

LOOKING : Keep looking, pay attention, resource, network, never accept what is close, popular or convenient you or your home will become a revolving door that allows frustration, anger, and no sense of calm.

LABOR : Work at it until the job is complete, do not give in because you are tired, rest then continue the work.

LEAN : Allow help do not think you have to do this alone. Teamwork works, nothing succeeds alone, not a flower, not an animal, everything and everyone need a compound structure to build a Healthy Family Caregiver Relationship

Longing : Want it, go after it, it is okay to long for it to be complete, finished, settled.

Laugh : Laughing is a sign of happiness, positivity, and normalcy.

Love : Without love the presence is burden, forced, no joy. Do what you do out of love or you will never enjoy the peace that exist in a Healthy Family Caregiver Relationship.

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