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The Right Time To Speak

When you are entrusted to provide care services for a family or individual in their home or in a facility setting you often see and or hear things that may not be in the best interest for the individual receiving care, this can come from a family member, friend, a staff person or management. When do you speak in the interest for the client.

Many do not, they believe it is not their place, or responsibility, they are afraid to lose the family, or individual as a client, or being barred from the facility. You have to ask yourself if you fit one or more of these mentioned fears, is ensuring mental peace part of my caregiving services, am I responsible for not just physical, medical, nutritional and environmental wellbeing, am I responsible for the mental peace as well? Yes you are!

Interruption of Mental Peace can cause withdrawal from socialization, reduced appetite, depression as well as physical activity that can cause an onset to additional medical concerns.

When do you speak? Right away, but knowing how to can determine the outcome, it can cause the situation to become worse for the client, it CAN eliminate the situation which is the result you want, so when educating and training personnel, or yourself on all the responsibilities, tasks, and skills for the external care needs of a Senior, or one with a disability, you cannot do so fully without educating, and training for the internal which includes peace in the mind.

Sociology Psychology and Cultural connection must be apart of your skillset or you are not providing the correct scope of service, you are giving a minimum, which in most cases is the cause of the decline of what could be a long-term of longevity in a external and internal comfort.

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