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Understanding the Diverse Healthcare System

I have met and spoke with familes this week that only know of a Healthcare system that touches the minimumn of provisions within the system, and I beleive this is a disservice to all communities. When Social Workers and Case Managers as well as family members are limited on the access of Services available , Services that are available at a reduced, lower and based on service costs provided by Trained Educated Dedicated Healthcare Independent Professionals, and when introduced to such it is considered to be "Oh you just" or "So you are a Broaker" When the purpose to provided Senior Care, In Home Care to all should be a unified service of healthcare, mostly it is ran like a business for profit and if you do not fit the image of a business, you are not taken seriously until you speak, and give insight.

I met a Social Worker this week that had no idea that there are Independent Contractors available, and ready to assist in various home settings, LLC with office space in their homes and in brick & mortar. The Social Worker said to me " wow please lets talk. I have clients who prefer Private Caregivers oppsed to Agencies, and companies, I have someone who I can introduce you to right now"

Why isn't this option offered to families and those in need of In Home Care Services when in Rehab / Hospitals and preparing to discharge home with continued In Home Rehab and a caregiver will be needed.

Why are only pamphlets of costly Staffing Agencies the only resource given to those who may live on a budget but deserve to have experienced trained and educated care services that they can afford provided by care servicers who base cost on service provided and the number of hours needed.

Why is there such a diverse system within the Healthcare System

What happened to the the Hipppocratic Oath one of the the oldest binding documents in history

I will continue to spread Preperation & Awareness to the Senior Community Families and to those who are unaware of their part in not spreading a diversity opposed to corporate business within a Diverse Healthcare System

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