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As a independent Contractor you are given the option of the Care services you provide and to whom, based on your experience, training, skills and ethics .

There will be times when the choice will be to not provide services, or discontinue servies.

There are times when what a family mmber, or client choice goes against your ethics, more than you are trained for, and skill level, and in these cases, the individual involved is more important than te financial gain, and the best service will be to refuse the srvice offer or discontinue the Care Services.

A agency may receive a detailed report on a client, it can be a safety concern, medication, and or self-neglect condonned by family members who rather allow the situation to continue to prevent angering the loved one.. Some staffing agencies, a few I have personally experienced this in the past, will replace, replace, and replace a caregiver rather than cancel services for the best interest of the client. It is an implication of caregivers not having the knowledge to make such a determination of a unsafe environent , self-neglect, errors such as in medication dose, yet these are the employees of the staffing agency. that are sent out into the community to provide Care Servics to the elder community, and those who have a disability.

As a Independent Contractor we value our ability, it is our passion, calling and contrbution to when necessary to provide the best service by not accepting and or discontinuing Care Sevice for those we want to help with Continuity, Longevity and Peace of mind in their home.

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